Features Update of Raspisanka free online scheduler

Aug 4, 2017

The Raspisanka team is proud to present new service features, as follows:

  • Automatic user geolocation. During registration, the country and timezone are set up automatically. This information can be changed manually.

  • A drop-down menu of cities and states (for the US)

  • Additional languages, including Armenian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Georgian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian and others.

  • «User name» and «Company name» fields are filled out only in Latin.

  • 30 colors to pick from in the «Color project» menu.

  • A separate menu for documents upload

  • User ID is now visible in user profiles.

  • Users can select the currency in which they want to be paid

  • More options added to the «Education» field

We hope that the aforementioned updates will be welcomed by both employers and employees alike! In the meantime, our developers are tuning the process of schedule generation which will drastically speed up the creation of working schedules.