New settings in Raspisanka’s «Availability» feature

Nov 24, 2017

Raspisanka’s developers updated the «When I'm available» menu that can be accessed in the user profile settings. The update makes it faster and easier for users to set the time when they are and are not available for work.

Our team added a new «All day» option for every day of the week. If a user clicks on the «Preferred» or «Unavailable» button and then clicks on the checkbox near a weekday, he will be able to make the whole day «Preferred» or «Unavailable» For example, if a user wants to work several days a week with no breaks. The settings will disappear if the checkbox is unchecked.

In order to simplify the «Availability» settings, our experts added the ability to copy time periods. For example, if a user wishes to work from Monday to Friday, he can set the «Availability» settings form Monday and then copy them until Friday.

The settings can be reset by clicking the «Clear» button. Note that changes won’t be saved until you click the «Save» button.