Say hello to Raspisanka’s Project Settings Master

Nov 8, 2017

Raspisanka’s developer team has overhauled the process of project creation. Instead of the «Simple», «24/7» and «Individual» options the service now has a Project Settings Master. It was created to give company owners and managers more freedom in project creation.

Weekends are now a key factor in project generation. If a project does have them, users can select the work days and working hours for each of them has.  They can also state if the project works in shifts or not. One can set project weekends as worker weekends by checking «yes» on the «Do the weekend employees coincide with the days off of the project?» tab.

If the project works without weekends, users can select the number of shifts or lack thereof. In the latter case, all users assigned to the project will work all week long, according to the set working hours for each day. Shift settings allow users to select when shifts begin and end, as well as the duration of the lunch break. To better make shifts stand out on the company schedule calendar, users can mark them with different colors. Next, they can set the number of workplaces and available workers. These numbers can be tweaked for each shift.

If an owner or a manager doesn’t know the number of workplaces or people the project, they can select the number of work days/hours that have to be met by all workers in a month (30 days). The Master also allows setting the days with peak workload via the «Rush hour» feature. It allows putting additional employees on specific workdays.