Raspisanka’s “Blog” section update

Mar 5, 2018

Raspisanka’s developers changed the appearance of service’s “Blog” section. Now the list of articles provides a picture used in the article as well as a small preview. This feature is available in English and Russian versions of Raspisanka.

The previews provide a glimpse into each article, usually with a few sentences from the first passage of each blog post. users can get the rest of the article, by clicking the “Read more” button under the preview. There are also links to random Raspisanka “Blog” articles that can be found under each blog post.

To make it easier for users to search for articles on certain themes they are interested in, Raspisanka’s devs added a tag system into the “Blog” section. They are displayed under the images in the list of articles and under individual blog posts. When a user clicks on a tag, he will get a list of articles on a particular subject.

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