Language restriction lifted on names at Raspisanka service

Jun 1, 2018

Raspisanka team lifted a language restriction in project and company names, as well as names and surnames. This information can now be provided in various languages, that are also available on the service.

Owners are allowed to name projects and companies in their native language. Besides Russian and English, users can write names in Hebrew, Icelandic, Turkish, French, Chinese, Ukrainian and other world languages. This update also gave the ability to provide names and surnames in the native language for both employers and employees. The feature is available during registration and profile editing.

With that said, restrictions were left for special symbols, such as: !, “, №, %, and others. When a user tries adding them to a project’s name, a message will appear on the screen, urging to delete entered symbols. Project name won’t be saved until it contains special symbols. 

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