How time zones work in project and availability settings

Jun 15, 2018

Time zone settings don’t just provide information for employees and company owners. They influence the way availability settings are displayed, affect project working hours and schedule creation.

Company owners and admins see available hours set by their employees based on their own time zone. For example, if users have a +2 time zone set in their profiles while the CEO or the administrator has +3 time zone selected, the management will see worker availability settings accordingly to their own time zone (+3). Time zones also affect the way schedules are created based on availability settings.

First employees set their available hours based on project’s time zone, which is set during initial project settings. For example, a company owner wants to create a schedule in a +2 time zone project while users have a +1 time zone in their profiles. In this case, workers will have to move their available hours an hour ahead. Shift work hours are going to be displayed in accordance with a user’s time zone.

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