Web-based employee work scheduling

For retail shops, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, cars service centers, medical centers, security and logistic companies, call-centers and taxi dispatch services.
Инструмент для оптимизации графика посменной работы
For employers

Plan working schedules, set working hours, weekends and holidays. Create charts to minimize downtime, while paying attention to the needs of your employees.

Бесплатный генератор графика смен
For employees

Receive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules. If needed, swap shifts with colleagues without involving the management. Regulate your workload taking into account your personal circumstances.

Raspisanka is a free online tool for shift-based
work scheduling

Составление посменного графика работы на месяц онлайн

Its functionality allows you to:

Browse through employees lists and their personal data
Make the most out of work time
Receive notifications on new projects and events
Participate in internal company chats
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